Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Waived: the Ethan Moreau story

It's an odd day now that Ethan Moreau has been waived along with Robert Nilsson and POS (Patrick O'Sullivan). It's not every day a team waives its Captain. Captains are often trades, sometimes left unsigned, seldom stripped, rarely ever waived. But, it's a brave new era for the Oilers. The house cleaning continues positive steps have been taken.

I'm disappointed Robert Nilsson didn't work out. Nilsson showed a lot of promise and the usual bloodlines BS, but rarely anything of substance. In the end he lacked his dad's Magic.

I'm disgusted with Patrick O'Sullivan. Never have we seen a player give as little as POS did. He lacked any kind of emotion, intensity, grit, and physical play. He's a million dollar talent with a two bit brain and a heart the size of a thimble. I don't know if we have ever had a player as soft as POS. In the end I am glad he is gone. I was way of the mark in thinking he was a player. He never accepted any fault.

Ethan Moreau

But, whatever happened to Ethan Moreau? I've had differing opinions of Ethan Moreau over the years. I had wanted Jarret Stoll to be Captain after Smith left, but there was some kind of perverse succession plan where you had to have no talent and couldn't be a top six forward to be Captain of the Oilers. So, a year after Jarret Stoll battled back from a season ending concussion he was abandoned by the management and given up on by the fans and traded. He was the perfect player to be Captain. He was a part of the 2006 Cup run and was an intermediary between veteran and rookie. Somewhere along the line Ethan Moreau became a sort of an elitist.

When Stoll was moved to LA with another leader in Matt Greene the division in the Oilers dressing started, and as rumours go, it continues. The leaders shunned or held back the young players from being leaders. Young players moved in the dressing room away from veterans. Ethan Moreau continued to deny how bad the Oilers were in terms of effort and grit. He lost a ton of credibility with the fans. How could a player, with the best years of his career clearly behind him, be a Captain of the Oilers? How can a player on the 4th line be Captain? As things got worse, I wondered where the leaders were. I knew the answer, they were in LA.

Years ago AOF (Average Oiler fan) wanted to get rid of Ethan Moreau. He was clearly the best of the Marchant and Grier line. Yet the AOF wanted him out, despite Moreau having speed and grit. He was physical and had some touch. He was tough, not a great fighter but hard to play against. I wanted to keep him. He had shown toughness and some leadership. Ethan was a third line guy but looked to be a solid member of the Oilers, the kind of guy you need around.

As times changed so did my opinion. After a few years, Grier was gone and Marchant was gone. Moreau was showing the wear of years of rough hockey. He was slowing. His expiration date was drawing near. AOF wanted to keep him, make him Captain. Not only was he almost done as a hockey player, in my opinion, but he was a part of a leadership core that was entitled and complacent. It was time to move him and others. What happened? He and others like Staios were renewed to long term lucrative deals.

The moment was lost.

So today Moreau is gone. His leadership questioned but not his community involvement. He was a solid citizen.

What happened to Ethan Moreau?

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