Sunday, September 5, 2010

The NHL needs to establish the Supplemental Draft again

The NHL had a supplemental draft which ended n 1994. It gave several players an opportunity and some players where definitely discovered this way. Some players of note discovered in the Supplemental Draft are John Cullen, Steve Rucchin, Cory Cross, and Steve Guolla.

There are quality players available, because there are always late bloomers. Some players simply need a chance. There are too many players that are caught in politics and circumstances out of their control. Any player, if asked, will tell you all they need is a chance.

The NHL also needs to develop more players and invest in development, not only at the junior level but at the minor professional level as well. Not to be excluded is the NHLPA, they must be involved in growing the game, and it’s good for their membership.

The sad fact is a lot of players who opt for an education, after graduating from the Canadian Hockey League, are passed over being considered lower quality. I think some of these players are underrated and are withheld opportunity. These players generally don't have anyone to stand up for them, they lack backers. They lack sufficient support and representation, the agents and team management are equally to blame for players falling through the cracks.

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