Thursday, September 2, 2010

What if Hemsky wasn't happy in Edmonton?

What if... What if Ales Hemsky wasn't happy in Edmonton and wanted out? He's been a good soldier for the team, but the team is going in a direction that Ales might not want to be here for. The Oilers are looking at a three or four year period before they are a truly contending team, that would be another three or four years on top of the last three years of losing. Even in 2006, the team was in 8th place and the team has not had true lasting success in his time in Edmonton.

Could you blame him for wanting to move on?

Now what do you do with him? The perfect time to move him was this summer. It's now too late to simply pick up prospects, but you have to take back an established player. It defeats the purpose of moving him out. You have lost the command position to make a trade and are now looking at diminishing returns.

The team can never get the maximum return on Ales from here on out. The next best time to get a good return will be the trade deadline. After that, Ales is a player with one more year on his deal going into unrestricted free agency and nearing the position to be in command of where he will go. No other team will over pay for the possibility of only having him for one year.

The Oilers will need to get as much from a deal for Ales as they can, at best the Oilers might get a 1st round pick (likely a later pick 22-30), a top 6 forward or top 4 defenseman, a young player, and maybe a prospect. This has been established with the Kovalchuk and Hossa trades.

If Ales wants out, we missed the best chance to do it.

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