Friday, July 8, 2011

Cogliano files for arbitration

Andrew Cogliano filed for arbitration. It is understandable, it is a tool for him to use. I do not think he will receive an award that will be outrageous, but maybe he will. That is the scary part of the equation. Although, Cogliano is dismal at face-offs, poor defensively, and can't piss a drop offensively he could get an award that would force the Oilers to walk away.

It is hard to imagine, but anything up to a judge is open for interpretation.

I think the Oilers are trying to sign him in hopes of moving him for something, but I can see both sides riding this one out to the hearing. Maybe I am wrong, but I don't see the Oilers wanting to give a big raise for a chronic underachiever, not more than the minimum on the QO.

Many fans may want to wax poetically about thinking and believing that this players is kind of like another player and therefore worth keeping. Nonsense. If my aunt were my uncle she'd have balls. Cogliano is simply overrated beyond all good sense and judgement.

He is a dimensionless player.


Pisani's Irish Cousin said...

How much do you think is too much? 1.5M? 1.8M? 2.1M? I'd take him up to 1.7M personally. That's the high end. I think he's probably worth about 1.5 M over one year or maybe 2.

Jay Parr-Pearson said...

First off, I'll say I am no fan of Andrew Cogliano. I think all he does is skate fast, nothing else is NHL calibre. I think a lot of fans see what they wish he was rather than what he really is and has produced. I would say that the QO is the most and I still trade him. An award for more than that QO I walk away if I can't execute a trade.