Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GDB - February 8, 2012 - @ Detroit

So, it would stand to reason that when the Oilers get hot and I would have something else to write about, my computer dies (and is at this moment being held together with electrical tape until pay day...) so I cannot write about it.  On the up side, the Oiler's upsides continue to be decent enough that I can still write about them.

In some regards many things are on the upswing for the Oilers, with only a few down ward trends.  As a team in its rebuild the last few games have shown quite promise, and exposed areas requiring further... hammering out.

Sam Gagner appears to finally be delivering on his draft promise.  Personally I never once doubt he was more talented than Kane... it wasn't until now that he had equally talented line mates.

Speaking of whom, Eberle and Hall are proven top line players now.  They control the play - are playing very close to what a top line should play, against decent competition (at least on the road) and are coming out looking good.

Petry continues on his development path, and have silenced many that called for another year in the AHL.  Im not saying it wouldn't have benefitted him, but he is holding his own, and doing it well.

Paajarvi played like a top ten draft pick for the first time this year.  Hopefully that boost his confidence and he continues to get top 6 line mates (and maybe top six minutes... Renney >_>)

Gilbert, Smid, and Whitney looked alright.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  Which all in all considering two are returning from injuries and one has had the life ran out of him is not a bad thing at all.

The rest of the forward group did well for the majority of the game.  Mass majority of the faults fell on a few individuals.

Barker and Potter... please tell me why Sutton sat in favor of these two?  They haven't looked good for a while, yet they keep getting thrown out there.

Khabibulin spent way to much time just off the mark, or to far out of it.  Not enough time doing the simple things he promised.... keeping the puck from the night.  He did get lucky alot which kept the score from being run up, but luck only carries so far.

Renney... seriously man... *shakes head*  Did you not have to take your own test before coming back?  You should have.


I know we are getting results from the line of Gagner - Hall - Eberle, but for the good of the rebuild they should be split up.  Once RNH returns itll happen anyways, so why not do it anyways and see how they play with different line mates (good is the answer, but its more of - do we have other top six pieces).  Personally I would like a game of Paajarvi - Gagner - Eberle and see what these two hot hands can do for 91s confidence.

Unless Sutton is going to get traded mid game - he should not sit at all.  His value is only going up to both us and the league.  Keep him playing.  Sit those that struggle.

Lets see if Renney sticks with the Win and your in method... I want to see more of DD and less of the wall.

Omark is back tomorrow for the Barons - and he is the player of most interest in the roster I believe.  He has the talent and the ability to slot in with many of our younger players, and could force a trade if he comes back in good form.  I will be following their game against the heat tomorrow for sure.

As always thank you for reading, and I will be back to blogging regularly in the coming weeks.  Thank you for your patience with me and please leave a comment.

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Unknown said...

I also agree with splitting them up . Magnus with Gags & Ebbs Hopkins with Hall & Omark if Hemsky is traded . I don't understand why the bottom six isn't resolved . For me 3rd line is Smyth Horc & Jones 4th Belanger Eager & Pettrell/ Hardikianan . I would send Lander down as #1 center and bring up VandeVelde. Your bottom 6 should be mre important than what Renney does and thats throw them out there.