Monday, February 6, 2012

Trade Deadlne Target: Clarke MacArthur

Let me first say that when the Thrashers walked away from MacArthur after his salary arbitration ruling I wanted the Oilers to go after him.  His style of play and attitude were in high demand in Edmonton.  His added skill was just as important.  The Oilers need power forwards, no different today than when he became a free agent.

MacArthur is still just 26 years old.  He has a lot left in the tank.  His physical attributes aren't out of the normal; he's 6 feet in height and 191 pounds.  MacArthur is an Alberta boy, that's a bonus.  He projects to be a 20 goal scorer and 50 point man, give or take.  These are solid power forward numbers.  He's also not shy with him adding between 100 and 150 PIMs in nearly full time duty.  He has missed time over the last few seasons, but that will come with the territory of being a power forward.  

So far this season he has 32 hits, last year with the Leafs he registered 115 hits.  One statistic worth noting is his career shooting percentage, it sits at 15.0%

Just my opinion, although MacArthur is a UFA he is a solid target to help this team moving forward as a second line left winger.

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