Friday, February 10, 2012

Where will Hemsky land February 27th?

The rumour mill has been spitting out Hemsky trade rumours all season long; it would seem that it is just a matter of time before Ales Hemsky is no longer a member of the Edmonton Oilers.  Despite the uninspired play of Hemsky for much of the season there still seems to be a market for the enigmatic right winger.

In an interview with the Team1260's Jason Gregor (that can be found at Oilersnation) Ales Hemsky has said the right things that you'd expect any player to say.  Pretty standard fair actually.  He did claim that he hadn't received an offer yet.  This was later contradicted by TSN's Ryan Rishaug that "his sources" have indicated that Hemsky have talked to Hemsky's agent to gauge his interest.  Whatever the case Hemsky has started his negotiations.

Hemsky's apparently likes it here, the fans, city, and people.  But, what else would you expect Hemsky to say?  Any player would never say they wanted out of a city if they really wanted to make the process easy on themselves, see Sheldon Souray as some evidence for that.

If the Oilers really wanted to sign Hemsky to an extension they would already have had the discussions.  In the last year of his deal negotiations could have happened at any time.  Yet, they have not.  It would be pure speculation as to why, but Hemsky's inconsistent and some play that would make you question his commitment probably has something to do with it.  Also, Hemsky's injury history is probably weighing on the minds of the Oilers brass.  Yet, the rumour mill would have you believe there are teams out there willing to gamble on Ales Hemsky.

Possible destinations:

San Jose
Los Angeles
New York Rangers

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