Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Belanger: An experiment gone wrong

With the Oilers needing to improve in all areas of the roster, notably center and defense, the Oilers will have to look at Belanger as a player the team needs to improve upon. This off season the Oilers will need to trade Belanger to make room for Lander at the least. Whatever the reason Belanger didn't work here and he can't stick around for another chance.
Eric Belanger had a terrible year aside from his faceoff stats, but it isn't enough. As a 3rd or 4th line center the Oilers need multi dimensional players to be counted upon to handle scoring and the physical grind to support or protect the Oilers skilled players. Belanger isn't this player. Belanger is an average defensive player capable of scoring some points, in Edmonton his game disappeared. He became The Belanger Triangle or the Belanger Black Hole.

At the deadline Belanger had to be available, as there were some rumours of some interest. This should give the Oilers and fans solace that they can likely move Eric Belanger (Montreal maybe?) and replace Belanger in the line up with Anton Lander, another year older and one year more experience and he can now be better able to handle the grind of the NHL.

Every year an organization must evaluate and ultimately cut ties to players who cannot or do not fit the organization and its needs. Belanger is just that kind of player.

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