Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Is it time for 4 quarter hockey?

No need for helmets... or plexi glass.

When I was at a recent Oilers game I couldn't help but notice the ice deteriorating around the 14 minute mark. This isn't the first time I've noticed it and if Edmonton is one of the best surfaces what do the poorer rinks look like? Is it time to reconsider the way the game is structured from 3 periods to 4 quarters?

This isn't the first time I considered the concept nor has the idea new to the NHL. Would it really be that bad for the game to have more fresh ice and attack time?

On the plus side, it is an extra intermission for sales and advertising. A negative is it lengthens the time of the game, slightly with the extra intermission. It is also a positive, better ice conditions should produce a better game and the extra time should allow the stars to rest more and play a little more.

Do we really need to bring out the snow shovels to clear the offensive zones with 5 minutes to go? The new realities of multi use facilities and arenas in warm weather climates affecting the ice conditions may require a change to improve the quality of the game.
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