Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keeper: Darcy Hordichuk

One UFA's the Oilers need to keep in the mix is Darcy Hordichuk. In his role and with his skill set he is still a useful player for the Oilers. He isn't an everyday player, but a 13th forward on the depth chart he can be slotted in to the 4th line when needed.

What is there is an injury to a player in the top 6? Easy, the injury is likely for 1 week, an IR situation. The Oilers make a call up from OKC. Those players in OKC like Pitlick, Hamilton, or Hartikainen can fill the need temporarily.

Hordichuk is a player you want around when the going gets tough. A chippy game when you need guys who can handle themselves, Hordichuk can be that guy. He can play his 5-7 minutes a night, finishing checks and getting into people’s faces. He'll add the occasional fight as well, when needed.

You can't overlook role players. You need stars, but without role players those stars don't shine as bright or aren't allowed to shine at all. Hordichuk is one piece of a bigger puzzle to make the Oilers harder to play against.
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