Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Power Forward Target: Ryan Malone

TheTampa Bay Lightning might be a team looking for a shake up to the roster this off season. They need to make changes mostly on the blue line but may need some cap space to do it. They could get younger and cheaper. One Lighning player to consider is Ryan Malone. The left winger would add a lot of experience and be valuable with his size and gritty play. Malone would be a very useful power forward for the Oilers.

Ryan Malone is a player the Oilers might target to address their needs of size and adding power forwards to line up. You may ask this question. Is Malone's injury issues behind him? It is a fair question. But, power forwards usually get dinged up a little more than other players.  Malone does have some issues in consistency with scoring, but maybe more as a result of weaker linemates on a weaker team.  He is a good two way forward that can kill penalties and provide leadership.  He can give the Oilers a stronger net front presence and work the wall. The Oilers should do their due diligence in trying to acquire this player.

Malone is a 6-4 and 219 pound left winger. He could find himself on the 2nd line or perhaps on the third scoring line and would excel at trying to create space and using his bigger body to go to the net. Malone finished 2011/12 with 20 goals and 48 points in the regular season (and 82 PIM's) after 14 goals and 38 points (51 PIM's) last season. In 2009/10 he had 21 goals and 47 points (68 PIM's), 2008/09 he had 26 goals and 45 points (98 PIM's). In 2007/08 he scored 27 goals and 51 points (103 PIM's). This player has the talent to score and fill a power forward void in Edmonton.

Malone has had seasons of 142 hits (2011/12), 125 (2010/11), 178 hits in (2009/10), 173 (in 2008/09), and 138 (2007/08). His shooting percentage in a full season has never been lower than 9.4% (2010/11) with his career average being 14.4%. He is a career -45 player, but you must consider two losuy years in Pittsburgh of  -45.

Malone is a big strong forward who likes to grind it out and do the dirty work and can still skate well for a player of his size and age. He has three years left of a seven year contract (4.5 Cap hit, 3.0, 2.5 and 2.5 in salary). His contract is very affordable for his type of player. Do the Oilers have the assets to get the deal done?

By the way, he likes to fight:

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CC said...

Looks like a younger bigger, more physical ryan smyth! I like the call, would just fit on that left wing if we dont sign smyth...

Tapdog said...

Hey about time you are back posting:)

Anyway, I guess if Smyth is not to return then perhaps they take a run at Malone, not crazy about the age but he would fill a need. My preference would be for him to play 3rd line with 2nd line opportunity. I would really like the Oiler brass to give Paajarvi and Harti a legit shot this year. Yes they have to earn the spot come training camp but there has been alot of great feedback on their time in OKC.

Honestly we are talking about Tambo here, if he steps up and makes deals you know he was told get it together or bye bye.

Who's next? Do I get more to choose from before I decide?