Saturday, May 19, 2012

UFA Dmen - who do you sign?

Just a quick hit today on the state of the Oilers Defense. There has been a lot of talk that the Oilers defense sucks and they need to inject a few more NHL type players so I comprised a list of who I can see the Oilers talking too.

Yes, my list is primarily made up of defenseman the have a liking to the offensive side of the puck but who is kidding who, that is the area of weakness here.

Jason Garrison - had one great season playing along side Brian Campbell, can he recreate this on a regular basis playing with someone different. Do you see this as a High risk / High reward scenario?

Dennis Wideman - Has produced a more consistent set of numbers than Garrison, he certainly can move the puck but is he a fit here in Edm. Does his plus/ minus ratio freak you out a bit?

Matt Carle - Has some size although he does not use it all the time, surprises you with his offense but you always read reports that he is a frustrating player to have on the team, at least from a fan perspective.

Ryan Suter - Everyone’s dream signing this season but let’s get real here Oiler fans, would you be signing on here right now? What would the dollar amount have to be to pull this off?

Barret Jackman - Ok, I had to include on Dman who did not think offense first! Tough as nails with a touch of crazy in him. Nice combination to have on the ice behind you. Will he venture away fro St. Louis?

These are five guys to contemplate, let me know if you have others who should be on the radar here.

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Oil_be_Damned said...

On your list Carle would be the one I'd personally go after. Sure he can be an enigma to the fans... but hell half our team is that already so whats the hinder.

As to others that we could look at... Aucoin out of Phoenix (stop gap for the younger generation to arrive), Colaiaicovo (though I doubt he leave St. Louis), or take a risk on Gilroy (this years Barker spot with better results)

Really we are not going to get much, with out giving up much... But there are a few quality D out there that would be an improvement. We as fans should just get used to that our defense next year will be better, but it will be all 3/4 guys and spare parts.

Tapdog said...

Hey OBD, thanks for commenting. Just looking at the UFA's to see what we could possibly get for free.
I am ok with Carle but I think I prefer the puck moving skills or Wideman. Play him with Whitney adn it could produce some offense?

I tried placing a poll at the bottom of my post to gather info but it would not work right, so I will have to keep trying??