Thursday, May 24, 2012

UFA Goaltenders - The last line of defense!

Well now this was the quickest series of blogs for me, hopefully you have been following along. In the event you haven't please click the following links to get up to speed with 5 UFA eligible players in each position. UFA Dmen - who do you sign?  UFA LW'ers - Ryan Smyth your guy?  UFA RW'ers - Semin worth a chance?   UFA Centre's Take your pick  Who knows once the dust settles maybe I will done one for the unemployed coaches.

Today's post is all about the goaltenders! The last line of defense so to speak. Plenty of experience here to choose from and I would expect all but one to be available on the 1st of July.

Thomas Vokoun - Not sure is signing with Washington last year was a good move for Thomas? Although the season did not go as planned Vokoun still hit his averages for GA and Save % but being 35 years of age not will give teams reason to consider the type of contract they offer. With all this I still expect there to be several teams interested in signing him.

Martin Brodeur - What can you say about the old dog, put up a playoffs so far that makes everyone stop and wonder. Martin is the one goalie who at the time of this posting was not resigned but I would think everyone expects him to sign on the dotted line for at least one more year, while the Devils try to transition in change.

Josh Harding - One of the youngest available this year and perhaps the most to prove. Put up solid numbers this year after a few injury riddled seasons. Given Hardings skill level and age it would appear that there will be a line up of teams ready to talk contract as soon as "Free Agent Frenzy" starts. Stuck in behind Backstrom you can bank on Josh pulling up stakes.

Jonas Gustavsson - Another young buck in terms of free agents, Jonas has shown glimpses of the type of goalie he can be but most GM's are trying to figure out if he is a #1 or #2 type of goalie. Looking like a reliable #2 guy, I am sure there will be some interest in him.

Yann Danis - A bit of a surprise I suppose to be on the list considering others who are available but in respect to the season he had down in OKC, I thought I would add him in. He has been a great addition to the farm team but I am sure he would like a shot at an NHL back up job. Is he capable of it? Will someone give him a shot?

Well, there you have it, 5 goaltenders who very well could be looking for employment soon. Is there a guy on the list you would target? Look for my next post of 5 coaches who should have a shot at an NHL job next year.

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Oil_be_Damned said...

I'm of the opinion that once Gustavsson is out of that fish bowl that is the Maple Leafs he will grow and thrive into a solid goaltender. At the very least a consistent #2 that you can trust for 30 games.

As for Harding... I like his skills, and think he is a potential starter. For me his issues are injury. He has had been of an injury bug the last while and though will drop his overall dollar value, one has to be careful to the contract he signs.

Me? Id sign Gustavsson and have him push DD. On the down side we end up with two goal tenders who can put together a solid 30 games, so that does leave 22 games to who the victor is.

Tapdog said...

Obd, just you and me in the comments again. I am cool with that idea, I was leaning towards Harding but like you I ma unsure of the injury thing with him and they haven't been just minor tweaks either.

I guess it will come down to contract in the end. Both would do well in pushing DD, send Khabby to the farm to help develop the young guys.

Oil_be_Damned said...

Apparently news out of Edmonton is they plan to part ways with Khabby. Seems a push for the playoffs are a must for Tambs this year.

Tapdog said...

He will be Danis replacement in OKC, he was great with DD so now he can work with Roy and Bunz.
Time to bring in another to push DD to be better all the time.