Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We as fans...

As some of you may know, I work in a sports pub (am the chef actually).  And I live in Vancouver.  The second portion is not entirely relevant to this blog, but it does add a bit of frame work, and back grounding.  Anyways....  Where I work, as you can imagine there is a high percentage of Canuck fans.  There is however, at least a fan per each other Canadian franchise, and a few of the american ones.  As one can imagine this leads into some strong headedness and stubborn arguements.

But this has lead me to a conclusion.  We as fans are idiots.  Truly and utterly... idiots.  The more we love our team the more foolish we sound at times.

Do not mistake what I am saying, its okay that we are idiots.  But we should take it with a modicum of perspective.  We have none.  We only know what everyone else knows.  We each have our own specialty (our own teams) and may dabble in others (example: I know a fair bit about the canucks - gotta know if ya want to bash).  But there is always that one point where you state something and it comes back on us ten fold.  (example: 'nucks fan told me today that there has never been an impact Russian player so the Oilers would be stupid to draft Yaks... um... dur?!?!)

What I am trying to say, is we all love this games, and we all form opinions based on information provided for us.  Inferring, interpreting, and inspiring... and in the end some times idiocy.  How, about we all cool off and have fun with discussions.  We may hate a team, but its no reason to trash a fan who loves them.  Especially us Oiler fans... we've been at the top, and we have been at the bottom.  We have a lot of perspective to temper us.

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