Friday, June 22, 2012

The party starts now

Time to stop looking pretty and time to start acting smart.

The clock is quickly ticking away to the start of the draft and likely the Oilers historic 3rd straight 1st overall pick I think it important that the Oilers try and gain ground and start the building process at the draft table on the draft floor. There are important team issues that can be addressed today and Saturday.

My hope is that Tambellini steps outside his comfort zone and tries to make some moves, any move no matter how small just to break the ice. He has been somewhat hand cuffed by situation and by being tentative in the past. The time to stop is now. With a dynamic young group of players in need of real contributors and leaders, in need of top pairing defensemen; Tambellini needs to get off of his hands.

The Oilers have some assets that could be used to make deals. Tambellini needs to take advantage of some of the available players. The Oilers holes to fill are obvious. The Oilers need defensemen in the top pairing that are puck movers and minute eaters. The Oilers badly need a 2nd line center that is capable two way and has size. The Oilers need power forwards on the wings.

In saying that Tambellini now needs to earn his check and make things happen. Lots of empty sentences and press conferences need to be a thing of the past.

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