Friday, July 6, 2012

The draft, free agency, signings, and a new coach

Before the signing of Parise and Suter, the Oilers were probably among the best teams in free agency, even with the Smyth signing, the Oilers didn't spend poorly and added a top level talent in Schultz without having to give anything away...  The Oilers finally made a coaching move, at first opinion I wasn't a fan, I wanted a name...  The Oilers did well at the draft table, but was it enough?...  The Oilers re-signings continue.

With Ralph Kreuger being named the new Oilers head coach the Oilers named their 4th coach in 4 years. Not a great thing for an organization to do, uncertainty and change isn't good for anyone. But, in this move the players seem happy, in the end they have a guy they will play for. In the last while players not exactly been endorsing the job done by Renney. This was a positive move.

The Oilers having just named their new head coach went to meet Justin Schultz. They pulled out all the stops with Taylor Hall being there and had Gretzky and Coffey call. In the end the Oilers landed the much coveted free agent defenseman, but can we do anything as an organization without Gretzky and Coffey (two non-Oilers employees) enter the picture? Coffey was moved in 1987 and Gretzky in 1988. Too much reliance on the past.

Lastly the NHL Entry Draft. The Oilers took the best player available despite having lost of wingers and not enough top end centers on the roster. Yakupov or Galchenyuk could be a debate if no one fills the 2nd line center spot. Perhaps Taylor Hall makes the move? I liked the Mitch Moroz pick even a little early, but after losing out on Samuelsson and Tom Wilson he was next on my list. No moves at the draft. I've always said that you need a dance partner, but whould Tambellini be happy in doing nothing?

The Oilers added a tough grinder type in Ex-PA Raiders Dane Byers for the OKC Barons. A nice add fro them. Gagner elected arbitration, looking to get the contract process moving, he isn't worth more than what he made last year. Devan Dubnyk struck it rich on a 3.5 million per season 2 year deal. This is a deal on faith that he will become what they think he will be. It is an over payment based on history. Meanwhile the Oilers got Jeff Petry on 2 year deal 1.75 million a season, probably a bargain.

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