Monday, July 23, 2012

The Summer of Steve? Far from it.

With Theo Peckham and Sam Gagner in his back pocket last week Steve Tambellini signed Nail Yakupov as well today. But, as we approach the end July, Tambellini hasn't made this team any better. A few re-signings, adding a star rookie first overall pick, and adding a high touted prospect are fine and dandy. But, this team is not improved in anyway. No needs have been addresses.

You may say that last statement is too harsh. "No needs have been addressed." but, what have the Oilers done? The need a #2 center and Gagner isn't it. The Oilers need top pairing defensemen and Justin Schultz is unproven. The Oilers need size on the wings and Nail Yakupov although talented doesn't answer that question either.

There are some things out of Steve's control, he needs a trading partner. Some teams maybe in a Rick Nash hunt and have to now switch focus to trades. There are bound to be teams with the bigger winger with some hands that the Oilers can make a deal with by using some of their spare parts up front. The Oilers are team in dire need of big physical forwards with hands. It's like a broken record repeating itself, every year the same issues. A #2 center and top 3 defenseman have been needs unanswered.

The Oilers will face another dismal season without addressing the size up front and the issues at #2 center. Hall may be the answer in the #2 center position, but will Teemu Hartikainen, Tyler Pitlick be the answer for power forwards? Two unproven rookies is a lot to gamble the season on. The Oilers need these physical forwards to give space to the skilled guys, protect them, and initiate the fore check. Without them the Oilers aren't nearly good enough with what they have to answer the needs of this team.
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